One of eight children, Lorna Poulos was born and raised in Midland, Michigan. Lorna raised her sons, Tyson and Gabe, in nearby Sanford where, for several years, the family lived on Sanford Lake with its year-around wealth of wildlife. The family built very creative blinds, for land and water, from which she could ‘capture’ her subjects.

 A self-taught artist, Poulos uses her own photography as the basis for her wildlife and landscapes. Her photography takes her from her own backyard to other states, often while visiting her siblings and her children. One of Poulos’s favorite new places to photograph is Montana, where her eldest son Ty is a fly fishing instructor and guide. Her youngest son Gabe takes her touring by boat on Michigan’s many lakes and rivers. Poulos and her husband, Glenn visit many spots in Michigan during the wildlife migration seasons, and they both spend hours photographing all that Michigan has to offer . . . which is quite amazing!

Poulos also works full time at her business, Lasting Lines, applying permanent facial make-up. She works with cancer survivors, creating the final touches to mastectomy reconstructions for women and men, work referred to her by local surgeons. Poulos calls it another aspect of her art.


Besides painting, Poulos also sculpts, using paper mache clay to create interesting characters, often working on them in the early hours of the morning and weekends.

With her love of art and the support of her family and friends, Poulos aspires to pursue her art full time in the future.

 For more information please visit Lorna’s art site at and Lorna’s permanent make up site at  If you wish to contact Lorna click here.


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