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Lasting Lines - Permanent Makeup


  Lorna applying permanent makeup

Sanitation at Lasting Lines

Sanitation in my business is very important to me. During consultation, feel free to ask any questions that concern you. My work area is stainless steel, so clean up is 100% with no porous surfaces to absorb contaminates.

After one-time use, the needles are are discarded. To save needles is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Tubes and color caps are also disposed of. I don't save them for you on your return visit. My machines and trays are plastic covered as well as anything I need to handle while I'm working.

I always wear gloves and mask during all procedures. Cross contamination is given much attention for all my clients' safety. Therefore, I hope that when you are in my clinic, you leave knowing you were given the best work with the best sanitary conditions.

You don't have to work in a doctor's office to have good sanitation you just have to have common sense!


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